Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Up earlier than I wanted because BeBe and Punkin had dental appointments at the vet clinic this morning. Oh joy--how I love getting up early on my day off...

Also, since those two had to fast after midnight, I picked up all the food in the house and the natives were getting a bit restless by seven this morning. So I got up, made some coffee, got dressed and put BeBe and Punkin the their carriers and then put the food back down--to the delight of Slippers et al.

At least Punkin and Beebs aren't the most vocal of our cats, so the drive down to town wasn't filled with nerve-wracking complaints from the back seat. It is hard to concentrate on driving when you are trying to comfort a distressed cat. Punkin has been on the trip often enough that she doesn't seem too stressed out by it. She almost seems to enjoy the change of scenery and having all those people make a fuss over her. Bebe gets out so rarely that he wasn't sure exactly what was happening.

The new vet, Dr. Craig, was meeting Punkin and Bebe for the first time, so we spent a little extra time going over my concerns with Punkin's wheezing and limping. Bebe, although he hasn't been to see the vet in seveal years, is basically a healthy young cat.

We went back into town about three for a vet appointment for Tiny and Frieda and to pick up the dental patients, so we took the Suburban to hold all the cat carriers.

I wasn't too optimistic about Frieda. She has been losing weight and having trouble keeping her food down and for some reason--probably because her family has a history of tumor growing--I was sure she had cancer. But when I described her symptoms and Dots examined her, she seems to think Frieda may be suffering from irritable bowel symdrome. I felt glad about the diagnosis, though, because that is more treatable than cancer. Tiny has--as I suspected--a bad mouth infection but her pain-management seems to be holding well. So we came out of the vet's office with four cats and courses of medications for all of them. Punk and Beebs will just be on post-dental antibiotics but Frieda and Tiny are starting prednesone and antibiotics, plus an anti-nausea drug and Vitamin B-12 for Frieda.