Monday, September 15, 2008

Then and Now

I took the first photo at the end of March, through the upstairs window . The black-and-white stray was skittish and would disappear if he thought he was being looked at. Although we kept dry cat food available, we didn't notice that he seemed particularly hungry when he came by our house. Sometimes we wouldn't catch sight of him for weeks on end, but he kept coming back over the course of three years.

I kept hoping to see some evidence that he had a home, that someone somewhere in our neighborhood cared about him. But over time I realized that if he had a home, it wasn't a very good one. He was un-neutered and--to judge from his coat--sleeping outside. So when I finally trapped him last week, I was really expecting him to be feral. But during the course of transferring him from the trap to the cage, I was able to touch him in passing--very briefly--without drawing a hostile response from him. After he calmed down, he let me--very tentatively--scratch behind his ears.

This photo was taken a few days ago. He is adjusting to his confinement under protest. He wants out of the cage and to be outside. Neither of those things are going to happen for him. He has to stay in the cage for a few more weeks and he may never be allowed the freedom to roam that he once had.

But he has warmed up to me. I hope that means we can work him into our household. It will just take time.

He is scheduled to see the vet for a check up and surgery on Thursday.

Melted Kitties

A sure sign that fall is in the air, I finally put a fire in the wood stove yesterday. It has been a cool summer. There have been times when my hands were cold as I worked at the keyboard. But generally our house holds heat very well.

Still, nightime temperatures are dipping below forty now and the lower rooms were beginning to feel noticeably cool, so I built a fire. Once I get a fire going in the stove, I try to keep it going until I have to shut the stove down to clean out the ashes--two or three times a year. So hauling wood is once again part of the daily routine.

You can trust cats to know the wamrest spots in the house, so I wasn't surprised to find the downstairs littered with dozing cats. The radiant heat of the stove seems to melt them.

Frannie on the bookcase

The top of the bookcase, with its old Army blanket, is one of Franie's favorite spots to nap.

Slippers, melted

Slippers likes to stay close to the hearth.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Snickers and Violas

Snickers saw me off to town this morning, meowing from the can run. If this photo looks vaguely familiar, maybe it is because I caught her in a similar pose back in May.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Bart is one of those cats that it is a joy to live with. He is always in a good mood and gets along with nearly everyone in our household.

I am so glad he decided to come in from the cold and join us three years ago.