Sunday, March 29, 2009

Midge's Story

I apologize for teasing you with her photos for the last couple of weeks. I posted the photos and thought I would come back to explain. Then got side-tracked, as usual.

So, this is "Midge". Let me tell you what I know about her.

Midget in her long johns

She is about four or five years old. Her spine was injured after a fall off of a bookcase two years ago and she wasn't expected to recover. But she did. She learned to walk with a hunched-over waddle that is inelegant but gets her around almost as well as any other cat. She passed through the local Animal Shelter in the spring of 2007, which is where I met her. Her resilient personality made me remember her long after she was adopted.

So when I heard that she needed a new home--well, she ended up here and it looks like she is staying.

It seems that her former owner began having breathing problems and of course, once her doctor found out she had a cat--that had to be it. The lady was very fond of Midge and tried having her fur trimmed, thinking it would reduce the problem but apparently that didn't work.

So Midge came to our house in her long underwear.

This photo was taken when she was at the Animal Shelter and shows her once-and-future coat.

Lily at the Animal Shelter in April 2007

She is getting along well, holding her own with the other cats and then some. She scampers up and down the stairs and is able to jump onto the bed or up into the bird-watching window. So I would say she is doing fine.

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