Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I love Lena's crooked, quizzical little face.

Her jaw is underslung and her left eye is smaller than her right eye. She was badly--almost fatally--mauled by a dog when she was just a few weeks old. A canine tooth infected her spinal cord and she fought fevers of over 105 degrees off and on for a month.

She was left with idiopathic epilepsy and damage to some of the growth plates in her skull.

She also seems rather slow but that may be just Persian laid-backed-ness and not a mental handicap.

Whatever life dealt her, she has always been a happy, pleasant and friendly cat who is universally loved by all the other residents of the House of Many Cats.


Somehow, no one sleeps with such relaxation as a deaf cat...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Maggie Mae

Maggie is one of those cats who is so quiet and well-behaved that she doesn't get much notice. She can always be relied upon to accept petting and chin-scratches with enthusiasm but she rarely demands attention, content with warm, soft places to sleep, steady meals, fresh water and the companionship of our home.

Maggie currently resides in the shop, where she is occasionally bullied by Frieda and her sister. I have invited into the house but she is more afraid of the gang in there than those in the shop. Better the devil you know, I guess...

I haven't given up on turning her into a house cat, though.