Wednesday, July 23, 2008



1997 -- 23 Jul 2008

He asked to come into the house on Monday then waited by the door outside. We knew he wanted to go away to die. We couldn't let him.

He moped around the house for a few days, while we doted affection on him, saying our wordless goodbyes. He lost interest in food and lethargy overtook him. I finally put him back in his familiar rooms this morning so he wouldn't feel he needed to hide.

I checked on him when I got back from town this afternoon. He was laying in his litterbox so I took him out and placed him on a nearby catbed. I petted him and told him it was okay to go on.

He died quietly about four-thirty this afternoon.

We never knew how old he was--he was a mature cat when he started coming by here for food nine or ten years ago. He was very frightened of humans; he had been on his own long enough to distrust human motives. But once we managed to trap him and bring him inside, he revealed a loving, gentle heart.

I am glad we were able to be his haven in this life.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Houdini in his carrier

Houdini in his carrier this morning...

A vet check--the fluid in his chest has gone down enough to reveal some sort of mass or growth in his ribcage. Dr. Bando said it may not necessarily be malignant...

So we are home with a maintenance dose of Lasik. The vet said his breathing was free and unencumbered and he's lost over four pounds of the water weight he was carrying two weeks ago. His appetite remains good and he is happy and purring most of the time, but he isn't as active as he was.

Still, I really how no idea how old he is. He has lived with us for eight years and I guessed him to be at least three when he came to live with us but I don't know--he could have been five--or eight. By any estimate, he is into his teens and health problems are to be expected.

Anyway, we live in the now and appreciate each day.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008