Saturday, April 29, 2006

Just A Quick Update...

..not because anything exciting has happened. Just because it's been a long time.

Denny has been keeping the wood stove going for Tiny. She prefers to sleep downstairs and without the wood stove, it can get cold down there at night. She's not doing all that well and I don't know how else we can help her. I eased her pain-med dosage up to the maximum that was suggested and now have split it into a morning and an evening dose, in the hope that will make her life more pleasant.

Toby is now on insulin for his diabetes. I started him this past week and have already seen an improvement in him--he's perkier and seems to be feeling better. I didn't know cat diabetics were so easy to handle--just a once-daily injection under the skin with a very fine needle. Hardly any work at all.

Now that Dinky has had her teeth cleaned, she is off the antibiotic, so all I am doing for her these days is the daily sub-Q fluids and a couple of dropperfuls of vitamins. I read webpages and support groups for CRF cats and there are long lists of drugs and medications to lower blood pressure and bind phosphorus and quell stomach acid. It seems like I should be doing more. But Dinky is looking and acting so normal, there really isn't much to treat right now. We are hoping the dental work she had done will help with her blood values. We will see how we stand next month.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Medical Concerns

I took Dinky and Toby John into the vet's this morning for their teeth cleaning. About an hour after I got back home, Dots called. I always shudder when that happens because I know it probably isn't good news. But this wasn't something I didn't know. "Toby John's diabetic..." "Well, I knew that--we've been trying to keep him controlled by diet..." Not very well, I discovered. His blood values were very high and Dots wants to get him stabilized (using insulin) as soon as we can. I have no objection to any of that. I was just disappointed because I had thought he was doing okay with the way we were approaching the problem. Also, I felt badly because I hadn't noticed the little infections--his eyes and gums for example--that would have told me there was something going on with him that wasn't right. It was just easier to think because he seemed to be doing fine that he was--in fact--doing fine.

In addition to that, he had to have some teeth pulled--better out than in--including two canines. That they were diseased/infected/worn enough to warrant pulling makes me hope that their absence will make TJ feel better, once he gets over the initial discomfort. Dinky lost a couple pre-molars as well, poor little thing, but I am hoping that having dealt with the infection in her mouth, her blood values may improve a bit with the next check. She is looking and acting so good it is hard for me to really believe in my heart that she is all that ill. It is something I know intellectually but a part of me keeps hoping that it will all turn out to be a mistake.

Anyway, I met Denny at the vet clinic this afternoon when he went to pick them up. I wanted to hear for myself what had been done and what Dots recommended. I took a half-hour off from work to run over there, then spent the rest of my shift on the 'net. I read some info on feline diabetes and I think I can manage the shots and the monitoring. It's not like I am breaking any new ground here. Feline diabetes has been around for a while and there is a lot of information available. What I wonder about is how I can manage Dinky and TJ and whoever comes next with some serious health issue. I know I will muddle through somehow--it's just more subtle stress on me.

Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fools!

I spent the morning tending the cats--Dinky's medicines and fluids, Tiny's pain medication, the antibiotics for Demi and Molly and Fred and treating various ears for persistent yeast cultures. That was all in between cleaning all eighteen cat boxes and making sure that BeBe and Twitch had time out of their respective confines.

Oh, and I trimmed a little bit on Tommy, who came out of the winter as one huge mass of matted fur; the result of a sedentary lifestyle and his own reluctance to groom himself. It was a case for the clippers, so now--aside from a mohawk of hair down the middle of his back, he is mostly crew-cut save his head and tail (and a few last patches on his underside.) He actually relished being cut free from the confining fur garment--stretching and turning to allow me to work the mats loose. Odd that he should be so matted when Toby John, who spent the entire winter bedded down beside Tommy, is perfectly groomed as always.

Such is my exciting life.