Saturday, April 1, 2006

April Fools!

I spent the morning tending the cats--Dinky's medicines and fluids, Tiny's pain medication, the antibiotics for Demi and Molly and Fred and treating various ears for persistent yeast cultures. That was all in between cleaning all eighteen cat boxes and making sure that BeBe and Twitch had time out of their respective confines.

Oh, and I trimmed a little bit on Tommy, who came out of the winter as one huge mass of matted fur; the result of a sedentary lifestyle and his own reluctance to groom himself. It was a case for the clippers, so now--aside from a mohawk of hair down the middle of his back, he is mostly crew-cut save his head and tail (and a few last patches on his underside.) He actually relished being cut free from the confining fur garment--stretching and turning to allow me to work the mats loose. Odd that he should be so matted when Toby John, who spent the entire winter bedded down beside Tommy, is perfectly groomed as always.

Such is my exciting life.

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