Friday, September 28, 2007

Sweet Sixteen

Today is "the kittens" sixteenth birthday.

Cissy was the runt of the litter--the smallest of the kittens and the last one to weaned. She goes into the vet next week for a dental cleaning but she is in good health. Often when I come home from work late in the evening, she is the one cat waiting in the cat run to greet me.

Frieda is an intense, compact cat. She was the largest of the kittens when they were born, but now she and her sister are of similar size. Although she is a feline senior citizen, Frieda is still the undisputed queen of the shop, making even big, rambucious Twitch back down with just her withering stare.

I don't have a recent picture of their mother, Demi, but she is probably in better shape at eighteen than either of her daughters.

Here's the "madonna-and-kittens" pose I took back in October of 1991 of Demi and the babes. Frieda is--of course--the red kitten. The black-and-white kittens were the boys--Frosty and Dirt-Nose (he had a smudge of black color on his nose.) Frosty found a home with some friends near Clam Gulch, where he had a long life and was much-loved. Dirt-Nose went to live in Nanwalek, where he undoubtedly had an interesting but short life. I would wager that there are several black-and-white cats in that village who trace their lineage back to him. The calico at the end of the row went to a family in Homer. I would have loved to keep her--she was a long-haired calico that I had always wanted--but being such, she was the easiest to find a home for. So I passed her along to a loving home and found my calico three years later in Dinky.

They looked so much alike, it is hard to be certain, but I am pretty sure the orange-and-white kitten in the center of the picture is Cissy and not her sister Lucy Sue. We lost Lucy a couple of years ago to a malignancy. She was a wonderful, affectionate giant of a cat. Her smaller sister, Little Sister "Cissy" is more out-going and talkative, but keeps Lucy's image alive in our memories.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frannie's nose

Frannie's been making herself popular again, I see from the fresh scratch on her nose.

It is undoubtedly from Mimi. Frannie terrorizes her without mercy. Mimi should realize by now that she is twice Frannie's size and could whip her ass but Mimi seems to lack confidence in herself. Self-confidence has never been a problem for Frannie, however, who can be relentless once she sets her mind to something.

Hence the fresh scratch.

When she first arrived at our house, Frannie wore a semi-permanent scratch on her nose. I guess the lack of being able to hear the other cats tell her to back off has its disadvantages. You would think by now her nose would be a mass of scarified tissue and I keep waiting for her to develop some exotic cancer from having the area damaged so often.

I feel sorry for her but she does bring it on herself.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Elusive Skinny

She's lived with us for three years but Skinny remains frustratingly elusive. I don't think she is actually afraid of us any more but it has become a habit that's hard to break. Still, she has taken to coming out of her hidey-hole to watch us dish up supper and after we are in bed for the evening, she will come out and play with the other cats. Sometimes she even comes into the bedroom and slips up into the window for a bit.

I have a feeling that she is very close to giving it up but she has resisted our blandishments thus far.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Red Fred 1988 ? - Sept. 6, 2007

Our dear old Fred reached the end of his time yesterday afternoon after a long and peaceful life.

Good-bye, old friend.

Fred's Webpage

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Three Cats

A typical scene in our upstairs room but one that always gladdens the heart...

Punkin, Lena and Bart are enjoying the plush cat beds set by the open patio door where they can take in fresh air and daylight.