Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Frannie's nose

Frannie's been making herself popular again, I see from the fresh scratch on her nose.

It is undoubtedly from Mimi. Frannie terrorizes her without mercy. Mimi should realize by now that she is twice Frannie's size and could whip her ass but Mimi seems to lack confidence in herself. Self-confidence has never been a problem for Frannie, however, who can be relentless once she sets her mind to something.

Hence the fresh scratch.

When she first arrived at our house, Frannie wore a semi-permanent scratch on her nose. I guess the lack of being able to hear the other cats tell her to back off has its disadvantages. You would think by now her nose would be a mass of scarified tissue and I keep waiting for her to develop some exotic cancer from having the area damaged so often.

I feel sorry for her but she does bring it on herself.


Karen Jo said...

Poor Frannie's nose. I guess she will never give up her bullying ways. Even though she can't hear the hissing and growling, I would think that the other cat's posture would let her know what was coming. She may know and just not care.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Frannie is a pretty girl, even with her boo-boo nose!