Thursday, January 22, 2004

Max temp: 38 degrees F (just after midnight)
Min temp: 30 degrees F
Wind southwesterly at 36 kts

I heard something that sounded like rain but then turned into ice falling last night after I went to bed.
I woke up with a splitting sinus headache--almost sick-to-your-stomach intensity. I crawled out of bed long enough to start coffee, feed Sunny and Toby and then grab some Benadryl tablets. It took two cups of coffee and a second dose of medication before I felt like I could function. I had all the cat boxes to clean as I had skipped them yesterday. I also needed to give Toby and BeBe some change of scenery from their separate confinements.

Picky's eyes are still veiled. I wish I knew what was bothering him. He eats and plays as usual. He absolutely hates the medication Elaine gave me--the big horse-sized pills I have to cut in half. Even the halves aren't that petite. He foamed at the mouth and drooled so badly after the first dose that I haven't repeated it.

So on the chance that he is suffering gastic distress, I cooked up some slippery elm syrup and dosed him (and Punkin too while I was at it.) In good faith, I suppose I should try to get one of the pills down him this evening, just so I can give it a fair trial. His ailment doesn't appear serious but we don't know, do we?

I filled out a cat survey yesterday. I hadn't realized that we have 21 cats aged eight years or older.

Lola and Clarence are the youngest of course. Then Frannie and BeBe are probably the next youngest... Sunny, if the information we got from her previous owner is correct, is eighteen. The vet clinic's earliest record for her showed either her birthdate or first clinic visit was in October 1986.

It would seem there is a shit-load of grief waiting for us down the road.

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