Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Vet Visit

Max temp: 31 degrees F
Min temp: 13 degrees F

I decided it was finally time to start the kittens on their vaccinations.

I don't hold with annual boosters and all that, but I wanted to get them some protection, especially since the cat flu has been going around the Shelter. So about one-thirty I started to round them up. I had allowed fifteen minutes to corral cats and fifteen minutes to drive into town.

I should have started rounding up cats at one.

Lola and Clarence have become friendly, affectionate little kitties but they are still not too far removed from the kittens who were born in the derelect van. It doesn't take much to panic them and once panicked, they revert to semi-feral.

Lola started struggling before I even got her downstairs and it was all I could do to cram her into the carrier and get the door shut before she bolted. I had planned to put both kittens in the same carrier so they would have each other for company but when I tried to put Clarence inside, he slithered over my shoulder and down my back--with his claws. I spent the next fifteen minutes chasing him--up the stairs, over the sofa, down the stairs, around the kitchen table, up the stairs, over the sofa, etc... The only break I got was that humans have more endurance than cats in this type of thing and he eventually gave up, hunkering down by Lena and crying with his little wussy voice. I felt so sorry for him.

By then, of course, the other cats had gotten wind that something was up. Pickle went and hid in the back room but trusting little soul that he is, I lured him out with toys.

I carried all three carriers out to the car, along with an empty one and my purse, then came back and grabbed Punkin, who realized too late that her number was up as well. (No doubt she had been congratulating herself on missing the excursion once the other carriers went out to the car...)

My stack of four carriers impressed the other clients in the waiting room but I told them, "This didn't even make a dent."

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