Thursday, March 18, 2004

Max temp: 28 degrees F
Min temp: 17 degrees F
Wind N at 40 knots

The Toe Wraiths had their flu boosters today. I planned out the confining of the kittens better than last time and actually got the two into their carriers with a minimum of struggle. They didn't like it much but after a few complaints, they hunkered down to see what would happen next. They were docile in the exam room, letting Dots exam them with a kind of numbed passivity. I know it has been said that kittens that aren't handled in the first seven weeks of life are untameable, but I have learned not to believe everything I read, especially in regard to cats. They may never out-grow their skittishness, but both Clarence and Lola have turned into loving, friendly little cats.

I am proud of them. I hope their brothers are doing as well.

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