Thursday, January 6, 2005

Clarence and Tommy

We laughed quite a bit this morning at poor Clarence's expense.

I spent a few moments in the big cage with Tommy Boy and as I was coming out, Clarence came into the room--probably en route to the condo (aka the cat porch). I didn't see what exactly happened but I guess he must have finally noticed that there is a Strange Cat in the big cage, because when I turned back to him, his tail was expanded to a truly remarkable extent--I'd never seen such a perfect bottle-brush.

Clarence retreated with that studied decorum of cats--as if his tail wasn't completely giving him away--and preceded me upstairs.

"Denny, check this out!" I called as Clarence started down the hall.

I could hear Denny guffaw and ask what had happened.

Poor Clarence was trying to act nonchalant but with his tail all puffed out, it was impossible to pull it off. We must have laughed at the sight for a good five minutes or so.

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