Friday, July 15, 2005

It wasn't as smoky today when I got up, though the sky had a bright platinum sheen to it that obscured any clouds or sight of blue.

I made some coffee, medicated the cats then went out to the greenhouse. I ended up spending a large portion of the morning there, harvesting herbs and making sure all the plants were watered. I got copius amounts of basil--maybe I'll make some pesto tomorrow. Spraying with a mild soap solution took care of the spider-mites or whatever they were that were causing the basil leaves to curl up. I also got a nice amount of catnip that I will start drying for winter. there were some aphids on the catnip--just a few--some I will see if the soap solution works on those as well.

Back in the house, I gave BooBoo her fluids. I wanted to give her a good amount--maybe 150ml--but had to re-stick her with the needle when it came out after only a few minutes. The second poke took better and I managed to get her well-hydrated, despite her fidgeting and Tommy trying to come visit me. I had to hold him off with one hand while keeping the needle in place with the other. When I was finished, I decided to put a screw up in the joists so I could hang the saline bag a bit higher next time. As is typical around here, I spent a good fifteen or twenty minutes looking for a screw and a screw-gun and the proper bit. *Sigh*

I had wanted to get all the cats' fountains cleaned today but ended up rushed for time, so only got three of the five done. I did get the big water-cooler type drinking bowls cleaned--both the one in the shop and the one in the back rooms--so I only have two of the fountains to do later. I didn't get the cat boxes done but will try to do some of them tonight if I'm not too tired.

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