Monday, August 22, 2005

The Morning Update

I set the alarm for 4:30 this morning to allow time to care for Bung-Bung*, my hospice kitty, before heading to work.

I managed to rise from the dead get up and mostly dressed with the help of ready-made coffee. I decided to put BeBe outside in the small cage while I tended Bung-Bung because otherwise he would be raising a fuss trying to get into the room.

It was still dark and quite cool outside. It felt good.

I keep thinking Bung-Bung could go at any time but she persists and seems to be comfortable and pain-free. Her urine is colorless and nearly odorless, so I imagine her kidneys have failed. Her body is so stiff, I have to turn her from side to side. One of her eyes is clouded but I can see her in there through the other one and know she is aware and responsive. She seemed well-hydrated this morning but I wiped out her mouth with cotton swabs and gave her a couple of droppers-full of water just to clean her palate. Since I had fed her more than she wanted last night, I just rubbed her and combed her this morning, trying to stimulate her circulation. I'd like to see her get a bit more flexible but I suppose it is a moot point.

I got her settled into her carrier for the morning and will tend her again when I get home from work this afternoon. Poor old black kitty.

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