Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Went to Soldotna today for another doctor's visit for Denny. Stopped by GF's house in Kenai before heading back to Homer, where I met their new cats and checked up on Panda. She is a magnificent creature--years removed from the feisty little kitten I found that dark October morning nine years ago.

What a string of circumstances led our paths to cross: had I not been working that morning, had she not cried, had I not heard and recognized her cry. At first she sounded so much like a bird that it took a moment for it to penetrate the early-morning fog of my brain. It was too dark, too early for birds to be calling. I followed the sound to the parking lot across the street and called out. The tiny black-and-white kitten came out of the woods, frantic for attention, looking for someone to save her from the cold and the hunger.

I snatched her up and took her inside, where I found a can of tuna in my locker. She attacked it ferociously and growled when I touched the plate to replenish it. Who knows how long it had been since she had eaten? I went back out to search for more kittens but never found any (though I went back to look for several days.)

Later that morning, a blizzard hit. Denny had to come into town to pick up me (and the rescued kitten) at work. By that point, tummy full and safe at last, she was nestled under my coat and slept the whole way home. Seeing her now, I mumble a prayer of gratitude to whatever destiny caused our meeting.

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