Saturday, December 16, 2006

18 degrees, overcast
12 inches of snow on the ground

I'm concerned about Dinky. She has been uncommonly subdued for the past four or five days. I fear her kidney problems may be catching up with her. She was doing so well for so long, I let myself believe that she was going to "get over" it somehow. I have to face the reality of her condition. I made an appointment for a vet-check for her next week to see how her kidney values are doing. Maybe there is something we can do to make her feel better.

I noticed last night that Punkin and one or two of the others are a bit congested, so it's likely there's a cold going around. Maybe that is why Dink is feeling low. I need to be more careful about changing clothes when I come back from the Animal Shelter. I didn't worry too much when all the cats were younger, but as they age, I should be more vigilant about bringing home germs.

I bought some dry food for Frieda that is formulated for a sensitive gut. We will see if that helps with her digestive disorder. Exploratory surgery is one way of determining just what type of inflammatory bowel disease she may have but that seems a harsh diagnostic process for a fifteen-year-old cat. She hasn't responded to the medications that treat the two of the types, so that pretty much points to the third option--food allergy.

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