Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vet Visit

I took Punkin and Molly in to see Dr. Sherwood this morning. Molly has just not been herself for the last ten days or so, and Punkin has developed an unusual interest in water, begging at the bathroom sink and jumping into the bathtub to lick droplets from the porcelain.

I'm scared about Molly. She has gone on so long without a single bump in her health that any symptom is disquieting. I know she is an old cat now but it is hard to foresee a time when she won't be with us. I hope we can give her some more good time.

Punkin--well I have suspected that Punkin's kidneys would become a problem. If only because kidney disease requires fluids and medications--neither of which Punkin tolerates. So it is just inevitable, isn't it? Sitting at home in denial doesn't help either of us, so I might as well know.

I'll try to hope for the best. No sense borrowing trouble, as Grandma would say...

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