Sunday, May 13, 2007

Pickle Boy

Picky has been spending more time in the house for the past few weeks. I'm glad to have him around.

Several years ago--of his own volition--he decided he wanted to spend more time with the Boys in the Back. He asked to go into their rooms and has rarely wanted to come out into the main house. Because he was not a sprayer (the reason many of the Boys in the Back were living in the back rooms,) he was allowed to come and go pretty much as he pleased from the house to the back rooms. He just preferred living with the Boys, I guess.

Until just recently.

It is sweet to have him spending more time with us. He still asks to go into the back rooms for several hours at a time but I am glad he is spending more time--even sleeping nights--with the rest of us. His low-key, matter-of-fact personality reminds me a lot of Little Black Newt. And like her, he can be sweet and affectionate when he lies on the bed with us.


Lisa said...

He is stunning! Absolutely gorgeous!

laura said...

Thank you, Lisa. I am enjoying your blog. Nice to meet you through our mutual friend, Bobbie.