Tuesday, January 6, 2009


She was sitting in the window, facing south, eyes closed as the sun rose--finally--from behind the hill. It was almost as if she was in meditation--or prayer.

Just as I snapped the picture, she turned to look at me.

She has moved through temporary names--Sally, Large Marge, the Big Tabby--before we settled on Fiona for our large kitty with a troubled past. She is learning to trust us. The fragility of her trust breaks my heart. She was a little striped kitten once, she was some one's kitty. Someone must have loved her once. But she showed up on our porch with a wound on her head and a timidity that didn't quite trust our goodwill. And no one seems to be missing her.

We are glad she is learning to trust our love.


Meggie said...

Too bad it takes so darn long for them to trust again. Some of mine have taken years to be a "sit on my lap" kinda kitty.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Wonder what she thinks about..
Probably how much she appreciates her new, safe home. She must have quiet a story to tell...
~ Anna Sue

Everycat said...

You are safe and loved now Fiona, all that bad stuff is way back in the past.