Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rabies Clinic

Mr. Twitch waits his turn
The free rabies vaccination clinic was held today.

I cleaned out the Suburban and scrounged the attic and out-buildings for cat carriers. I planned to take twelve cats in for their shots--but Clarence and Skinny had other ideas, so I ended up with ten cats to transport.

Four in the front...

...and six in the back.

Everyone cried but Max and Twitch. The clinic was well-organized and we were done in ten minutes--I would walk to the door with two carriers and the techs met me with the last two ready to go back. The gang was remarkably well-behaved and we were all back home in a half-hour.

It's nice when things work out.


Cat said...

Glad everyone got their shots, and in such a timely fashion too!!!

Anya said...

What an amazing expedition! Poor babies must have been terrified!