Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two Faces

The Precious has been with us about a year and a half now, and seems to be one of the dominant personalities in the household.

Jackie is a beautiful cat that doesn't get seen enough.  He and Snickers share the shop with Twitch, but don't come in the house.  They do have access to the hay-filled cat run on the west side of the house, where they enjoy basking in the afternoon sun.


Anya said...

Precious is lovely - but something sad there - as many cats that have "history".

Laura said...

Anya--I understood that she came to the animal shelter because her owner had gone into extended-care. Because she bonded so quickly to Dennis when I brought her home suggests that she had been an man's companion. And, truthfully, she has a resting "sad" face that makes her endearing.