Thursday, June 30, 2005


Several of my cats have come down with the "itchy-awfuls" over the past month or so. Pickle Boy was the worst--scabs and a few bald patches that seem due to him pulling his own fur own in an attempt to stop itching. He never goes outside and we have no fleas. I spent hours flea-combing him and the others just to make sure there are no insects on him. I gave him a bath which made him soft and silky but didn't stop his scratching. Three of the four boys in the back have this and a couple of the house cats are showing signs of a milder form of the same thing.

I am leaning now toward an allergic reaction of some sort. I started feeding Felidae dry food about two months ago, and I also started using scented fabric softener about the same time. I think I will re-wash the cat bedding without any extras in the wash and see if that helps.

I suspect I will need to haul Pickle's poor scabby ass into the vet to get a reliable diagnosis. I feel guilty doing that because the vet clinic is short-staffed and some folks in town are waiting a week or more for an appointment but for some reason they always try to get me in the day I call. I guess I should be flattered. I wonder if it is because they 1) know we have deep pockets, 2) know I don't usually bother them about trivial stuff or 3) know we are very steady customers. I just don't like jumping ahead of others who are waiting with what may be more serious problems.


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