Saturday, June 11, 2005


I felt a bit better after talking to Denny last night, though my thoughts were still distracted by Lena's absence. I trusted to her unfailing equinimity to see her through a night in strange surroundings and hoped that I wasn't forced to leave her at the clinic until Monday.

Despite my usual lofty plans to get something done after work, I ended up going to bed about a quarter to eleven. I shut Frannie in with BeBe and left Pickle in with his bros, hoping that if he felt the need for comfort in Frannie's absence, Clarence would feel free to crawl in with us on the bed. He came by briefly to visit but spent the night with his sisters in the kitty condo.

When I woke at six-ish, I could hear Frannie crying downstairs. Deciding to have pity on her, I went down and let her out. Clarence chose that time to make a dash for upstairs so Frannie was sort of de facto chasing him, though I don't think that had been her intention. I shouted and waved my arms, successfully distracting her. She ran into the boy's room to wait for me to regain my senses, so I closed the bedroom door to shut her in with us ("us" being the usual bedroom crowd of me, Punkin, Bunny and Dinky) so I could sleep in a bit more without having to break up any skirmishes.

I figured the vet clinic wouldn't call until after nine at the earliest, so I slept in until 8:30 then got up, put BeBe outside in his cage (we really need to build him a cat run this summer) and made coffee. There is always more to do than time to do it. I ended up reading email out on the mezzanine and up-dating my Family History files. Then, about ten-o-clock I decided to call the vet clinic and leave a message--if only to remind them that they had Lena and we missed her. Also, I didn't want to wait until it was too late for me to pick her up if she was to be released today.

I started to leave my message when Ralph picked up the phone. He said he was just about ready to call me so I threw on some clothes and headed down to town to pick up my kitty-girl.

No one answered when I rang the bell, so I tried the front door and found it unlocked. I went in, calling Hello? but got no reply, so wandered back into the work area. Lena was in her carrier sitting on a stainless table. I opened the door and began rubbing her head. She seemed happy to see me, rubbing her face against my hands and purring. I kept rubbing her while Ralph came in and gave me some take-home instructions. On the way home, I opened the carrier and Lena came out and stretched out against me on the seat. I could feel her quiet little purr all the way home.

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