Thursday, February 28, 2008


Our Frieda has been hanging in there, surprising me. I was really afraid the she wasn't going to last the week when I went into the hospital at the start of the month, yet she has not only endured but her appetite has improved.

Now, just weeks after I was sure she wouldn't survive more than a few more days, when I was seriously weighing if I should release her from her failing body, her resurgence is a rebuke to me. Frieda is not ready to give up just yet. Her eyes are still bright with life, she is alert and interested in what is going on around her--and she is still enough "Frieda" to resist pilling and fluids.

She just may get to see another Spring and eat the first shoots of grass that will be appearing in less than a month.


Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Sending many good thoughts to Frieda to taste many sprigs of summer grass and more!

Meggie said...

Good for Frieda! Don't they always keep you guessing?