Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Frieda Update

The photo is a little dark, taken in Frieda's little snug retreat in the shop, but her bright eyes are evident.

She is feeling better and her appetite remains good. Her skin even feels better hydrated this week.

We took her to see the vet last week when we discovered sores on her wrists and heels. I think they were the feline equivalent of bed sores, or perhaps her joints were hurting her. A regimen of antibiotics and a pain-fighting injection set her on the healing path. Judging from the speed of her healing, her body hasn't given up yet.

We kept her confined in the cage for a few days so she would use a litter box filled with shredded paper--to keep her wounds cleaner. I had tried bandaging them but that just kept them moist and seemed to prevent healing. So the vet suggested the paper litter and an Elizabethan collar if needed. I brought the collar home but haven't needed it--Frieda hasn't been fussing with her sores and now they are almost completely healed. I leave the door to the cage open now but since she has everything she needs in there, she doesn't want to leave her nest.

She is thin and old but she is doing well right now.


Meggie said...

Thanks for the update on Frieda...I've been wondering about her. Sounds like she had some good quality time left in her. She's lucky to have humans in her life that care about her.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

I've been checking back to see how Frieda is doing.
Glad to see she is doing well in her own little nook.