Saturday, April 19, 2008

Old Ladies

I frequently find our senior cats enjoying the warmth of the strengthening sun on their old bones. The upstairs patio window faces south and you can tell by the collection of cat beds in front of it that this is a favorite spot.

I really don't know how old Grendel is. She was a full-grown cat the summer Bunny was born (1996) so she is at least thriteen and more likely fourteen or older. She lived feral in the woods and I caught her in 1996 but she escaped after we got her spayed. I didn't see her again for several years until she turned up in our cat trap in 1999. Until then, I thought she must have met some unhappy end, so finding her alive was like getting a second chance. For her and for us.

So she has been in the house now for nine years. She doesn't trust us but we can handle her enough to take her to the vet for check-ups and such.

The new girl Jasmine lost no time in figuring out the best places to nap.


MmeBenaut said...

Grendel looks comfy enough Laura. Does she ever leave the house or do you keep her locked in?
Jasmine looks quite happy too:)

laura said...

All our cats stay indoors now.

When we first moved here, we would allow the cats outdoors but after the first Toby got hit by a car on our quiet little road, I could never relax if I didn't know where the cats were. It's not just cars, but free-roaming dogs, and the wildlife--eagles, coyotes and such--that make an outdoor lifestyle hazardous. There is also some feline leukemia and FIV in the stray/feral population here. We invest too much of our hearts in our cats to risk losing them prematurely.

In compensation, there are several "cat runs" or "kitty condos" attached to the house to allow the cats fresh air, sunshine and the opportunity to catch an unwary vole on occasion.

I hope to expand the outside areas after I retire .

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to read your comment. You are giving these kitties the best of both worlds safely.

And Jasmine = smart kitty! :)

Meggie said...

Your kitties look so content. A sunny place to sleep...what more could you ask for?