Saturday, April 12, 2008


When I imagine all the nights during the months of her abandonment that Jasmine must have gone to sleep huddled in a cold, hungry, frightened ball, my heart swells when I see her sleeping with such relaxation.


possumlady said...

Oh, I didn't know this was Jasmine too! How comfortable and relaxed she looks. I felt the same way when I took in an old, nearly deaf stray I named Graybeard. I would see him hanging around my house in the winter trying to sneak a bit of cat kibble that I keep on the front porch. In the mornings I would find him crawling out of my window well. It took me almost a year to gain his trust. Now, he loves to come inside. Unfortunately, he urinates wherever he wants so now in the nice weather I need to keep him outside.

Lisa said...

I'm the same way when I look at Scully who was rescued from a cold Tennessee campground (okay nowhere near as cold as where you are!) and with 5 babies in tow. I don't know how she kept them all warm and fed. She's fat and happy and from what I have heard in updates, so are all 5 of her babies. Here's to former homeless kitties having carefree naps in the sunshine in a nice soft inside cat bed!