Thursday, September 10, 2009


Clarence's sister--and Bart's daughter--Lola is small-boned and fluffy like her mother. She reminds me of two of my favorite cats. She is small, black and fluffy like our Little Miss Newt with the out-going, Gemini personality of Dinky. She's plenty special on her own, too.


Meggie said...

What a managerie you have, Laura! They are all such beautiful kitties and I'm sure each has their own special personality. Any sighting of Max lately?

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Oh wow! I miss day or two checking in and almost a month has gone by.

Love seeing all your babies Lola is a beauty, Clarence has such pretty colors, Frannie reminds me of my Miss 'Beauty Queen'.
So glad Bart is happy on his anniversary of being a 'kept' cat and sending good thoughts for pretty Noah has lost weight and the prognosis was not good.


laura said...

Meggie, I actually caught a glimpse of a Max-like cat silhoutte at the end of our drive last night. He was leaving our yard and by the time I got outside and called for him, he had disappeared. I'm not sure at this point that Max would come if called. I can't *swear* that it was Max but we have been finding Max-type paw prints in the yard so I feel that it was him.

Bobbie, you haven't missed anything. I have a back-log of pictures I have been trying to get posted so I am afraid I post in spurts.

Per our last vet visit on Monday: Grendel is early-stage kidney failure and BeBe is early hyper-thyroid. Jasmine and Toby need dentals. None of that is surprising.

I will keep Noah close to my heart. ((hugs))

MmeBenaut said...

Good that Max is still around Laura. He will come home, when it gets cold out perhaps.

Lola is absolutely beautiful. I can hardly believe that she is sister to Clarence though. She is so beautiful; what lovely colouring.

laura said...

They are an odd pair of siblings. Their mother was a small and friendly calico who we placed with some friends who adore her. Bart is a solidly-built black shorthair. Neither have any outward hints of a stray Siamese-type gene but someone must be carrying it. The whole family is featured here: