Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sweet old Grendel--still feral but getting more comfortable around us. I guess she should--she's been living with us now for over a decade. She lets me pet her when I feed her but only in her eating place. The rest of the time she prefers if we keep our distance.

I made a vet appointment for her--a geriatric check-up. She has begun to lose weight and I suspect our time with her is drawing toward an end. I want to make sure she is comfortable and that we are treating any ailments that are treatable. She has taken up so little space in our home but I know that being here--inside and safe with all the other cats--has made her life longer and fuller.


MmeBenaut said...

She is sweet Laura. Snuffly will let me pet him when he is feeding too, otherwise he still hisses

laura said...

So sad that the fear gets so ingrained.