Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Bad Kitties

They stayed up late
They trashed the house
They were BAD KITTIES...
and they acted as though they didn't even care...
--T Shirt motto

Well, this morning was Nash and Tiny's vet appointment for dental cleanings, so just before midnight last night, I picked up all the cat food in the house. When one cat has to fast for the doctor, they *all* have to fast for the doctor.

Now, I had done this last week only to have our appointment cancelled due to illness. All during the night, the cats had come up on the bed to check on me, as if to remind me that they didn't have any food out. This week they left us alone.

But when I went into the spare room to get the cat carriers, I found out why. The pantry was a mess. *Someone* had chewed open two bags of dried beans and some dried cherries and strewn them all over the floor. For good measure, several packages of zip-loc bags had many tiny holes all over them, and a roll of paper towels had had the stuffing kicked out of it. I kept waiting to see if anyone is going to swell up and get sick from ingesting dried beans but it looks as if the appeal was more the mischief/entertainment value.

Denny and I were laughing so much as we cleaned up, we were almost late for the vet appointment.

We had a good discussion with Dots concerning Lucy when we went to pick the cats up. She agreed that pallative care is the kindest way to go with her.

Damn, if an operation could save Lucy--or even give her six more months--I'd go for it. But what I suspect would happen would be that they would open her up and see there was no hope and "not let her wake up", as they put it. So she would lose the three weeks or the month of good time she might have left.

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