Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters will soon be two.

We noticed last week that Lucy Sue has been losing weight. Once I started watching her, I saw that she isn't one of the first in line at suppertime any more. Her normally melodious meow has a tone of stress in it now.
So, I took her in to see Ralph yesterday afternoon. I had a strong feeling that the news would be bad. The X-ray revealed a mass in her abdomen in the vicinity of her kidneys. Ralph suggested doing some blood work to see how her organs are functioning, so we will have the result of that tomorrow.
But just the fact that the mass is there...

Lucy--as you may or may not recall--had a growth removed from her cheek last September. She healed quickly and seemed to be doing great all winter, but it is apparent that the malignancy has spread. She has weakened so fast in the past week that we may only have time to say goodbye to her--a couple weeks or so.
But we will know more tomorrow, I hope. I just have a bad feeling, a forboding that set in once it dawned on me that she has lost some weight.

Lucy was one of the kittens born here, in this house, September 28, 1991. They were like a blessing, though we didn't think so at the time. Lucy, Frieda and Cissy...I was the first human being to ever touch them.

In the flush of kittenish energy, Lucy took her name from another crazy redhead, though as she matured, she developed a quiet dignity befitting her size. Her most distinguishing trait was her fondness for going off somewhere to fall asleep and then ignoring any and all calls. I have given her up for lost so many times because she was off somewhere sleeping and couldn't be disturbed for human concerns.

I don't want to think about her final sleep.

Damn it.

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