Saturday, April 3, 2004

Black Jack

I can't believe this...

I went by the Shelter office on my way to work today to pick up my eggs from Sherry. A woman was there, signing in her cat. It wasn't until she spoke to me that I recognized her. She had taken one of the stray cats I had trapped in our neighborhood--about ten years ago.

Allergies were forcing her to give up Black Jack, but he had obviously been well-loved and well-cared-for this past decade. I had occasionally wondered how he was doing over the years, so to see that he had had such a loving home was heart-warming. I'm just sorry she has to give him up.

I would take him home if I thought he would be happy with us--though Denny was a bit downcast this weekend when he learned I wouldn't give Lola and Clarence up, so I can't push for more cats right now. I have a vague sense of responsibility toward Black Jack but on the other hand, he has had-- thanks to my efforts on his behalf a decade ago--ten good years with people that loved him; though not (apparently) enough to find him a new home when allergies made it impossible to keep him any longer.

Bottom line--he has had a good life but there are more outstanding cats at the Shelter. Ones that deserve the chance that he had to find humans to love them. I certainly wish him well but if he had been meant to be our cat, we would have kept him for ourselves those many years ago. He didn't fit in then and there's even less reason for him to fit in with our cats now.

I wish things were otherwise but there just aren't enough homes for them all.

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