Saturday, February 4, 2006

I'm Worried About Punkin

She's been feeling poorly for the last couple days. She vomited a couple times on Thursday but she nibbled on some chicken when I had my dinner so I wasn't too concerned. She started Friday off by vomiting so I gave her some metoclopramide that I had left over from a similar bout a couple years ago and her stomach was quiet the rest of the day. Also, because her vomiting can signal constipation, which she has had a problem with on and off, I administered (and that sounds so easy!) a Baby-Lax glycerin enema to her and got results in about fifteen minutes. The stool wasn't hard or dry, so I don't feel she is plugged up. I figured we could weather the weekend. (Why does this stuff always happen on weekends?)

She started off this morning by vomiting again, so today I gave her a quarter-tablet of Pepcid that I had on hand from Rosie. I don't know if it helped much because she spit half of it out. Because it takes a long time to be processed by the liver, I can't give her any more for two days. From her attitude, I can tell she is still uncomfortable and although she has taken in some water, she hasn't shown any appetite.

Punkin is my darling and I am worried about her. I know she isn't in the best health--overweight and out-of-shape--but she is under twelve years of age. You know when you look up symptoms on-line, you find all this scary stuff: CRF, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.? But with cats, sometimes they vomit for no reason at all. While I was sick, I had it in my mind to take her in to see the vet as soon as I felt well enough. It's not only her wheezing and the persistent limp she has, but I just had the idea it was time to check her bloodwork.

So I will obviously have to take her in to the vet come Monday to see what's up with her. It would be nice if she could get herself to rights by just fasting a couple days and be back to her old self by Monday but I know in my heart that isn't going to happen.

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