Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cat Update

On the cat front, Punkin has perked up a bit over the last few days, seeming more like her old, gregarious self. I can read the writing on the wall but am grateful to see Punkin having good days.

On the otherhand, I am worried about Twitch. He spent all day Thursday sleeping in the dining room. It wasn't like him but you can't really call the vet clinic complaining that your cat is sleeping all day. That's sort of what cats do, after all....

On Fiday, however, Mr. Twitch upped the ante by up-chucking. This--of course--is also fairily normal to a point, as any cat owner could testify> But I draw the line at vomiting of foam--that tells me the stomach is in distress.

I gave Twitch a quarter-tablet of Pepcid to settle his tummy but he brought it back up about an hour later.

So we went to the vet clinic for an exam and blood work. About $200 later, the most I learned was that his blood work was "text-book" perfect and there weren't any signs of plumbing obstructions. He was given some anti emetic injections and sub-cutaneous fluids before we came back home.

My mind was a bit relieved that his internal chemistry was looking normal and the shots stopped his vomiting. But he found himself a cozy den on the mezzanine and stayed there.

He came out this morning for a while, while I was feeding cats. I didn't see him eat but he stayed around the food dishes for a while. His eyes were watery and he was sneezing, so I am hoping he is just fighting off the cat flu. He was mouth-breathing this morning but aside from that wasn't showing any signs of discomfort. I gave him some fluids to help with his hydration and a little later, I found some feline antihistamines and gave him one. I hope it helps with his congestion.

Aside from that, it is just a matter of time. Twitch is young and healthy and if it is the flu, he should start feeling better in a day or so. All I can do is watch him and try to keep him comfortable.

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AEBJ said...

I hope Punkin is feeling better soon! Love the pix of your cats!