Monday, December 15, 2008

Twitch to the Vet

I woke up to Punkin nestled on the pillow above my head--her traditional sleeping spot. It has been weeks since she has spent the night on the bed with us. It was a sweetness I had missed and gave my day a nice beginning.

The temperatures warmed up overnight. Denny went outside to plug in the truck this morning but didn't since it was almost thirty degrees.

We got up about eight-thirty and got the cats fed before heading into town for a busy day.

Twitch wasn't doing any better so we dropped him off at the veterinary clinic so the vet could check him out at her leisure. He hasn't responded to home nursing and I am getting concerned.

Unfortunately, the vets didn't have much to offer on what is ailing Mr. Twitch. The x-ray showed nothing wrong but his throat and airway seemed inf lammed, so he was given a steroid shot and some antibiotics and scheduled for a re-check tomorrow.

It is so depressing when one of our cats is sick and we can't help them.

lights from the driveway

With Twitch and his carrier settled on my lap, I was happy to see the lights of home as we pulled in the driveway. Here's hoping tomorrow has better news for us.

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