Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Twitch Update

Mr. Twitch

We were up early to take Twitch back to town. Depending on how he responded to the steroid shot, we faced the possibility of having to drive up to Kenai-Soldotna to have a scope put down his throat to see what is going on.

But Twitch seemed slightly brighter to me this morning, and Denny remarked that he was breathing better. It wasn't until we heard both vets say the same that we felt we could trust it wasn't wishful thinking.

So we brought Twitch back home and are trying a course of steroids. Twitch is good about taking the pills but I still haven't seen him eat or drink on his own. I am guardedly optimistic but I won't relax until he is feeling better.


Anna said...

Best wishes for Twitch to get better - he is so beautiful.

MmeBenaut said...

Poor Twitch. This must be so worrying for you Laura. I do hope he picks up soon.