Saturday, October 30, 2004

Grendel Update

Denny called me at work shortly before quitting time on Thursday to tell me he had seen Grendel in the house.

"Did you grab her and give her a big kiss?"

"No, I left her alone!" He's just as relieved as I am that she wasn't outside. I still didn't totally relax until I got home and saw her with my own eyes. She probably wondered why she was the focus of so much attention as she peered out from her den under the dresser.

So for the past two days, Denny and I have been telling each other what a relief it is that Grendel didn't get outside.

Maybe this is a good time for me to make some effort in friendly-ing up to her. She's live at the margins of our household for so long, we generally let her go her own way and aside from checking on her when I feed the cats, she is largely ignored. Not in a neglectful way--she just isn't comfortable with any kind of attention and there are plenty of other cats around here who are.

But as she ages, it would be nice to be able to handle her enough to check on her general health and to take her in for medical care when she needs it.

Perhaps some good can come from this little scare.

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