Monday, October 25, 2004

The House of Many Cats

I have been working on the cats'webpages for most of these past five days--decking the main page out in Halloween splendor and struggling to resolve issues with the CSS layout.

For some reason, the text in the lengthier entries kept getting cut off. I started to think maybe the two-column layout with its "float" commands was conflicting with the footer that the website owner has programed to appear on every page. I experimented with removing the classes that used the "float" option and cleaning up the template to remove classes and ids I wasn't using, in the process actually learning what classes and ids were. By abandoning the two-column approach, I finally could get all of BeBe's entry to appear without being cut off. Now the biggest problem seems to be that when the pages load, the background color doesn't come in until I refresh the page. Haven't figured out how I screwed that up yet.

I also worked on the Memorial pages, putting the CSS instructions in the header of each individual page and coding the background color into the actual body of the HTML document. I hoped that by taking CSS one step at a time, I would better understand the process. I finally have a rudimentary or "place-holder" page up for each of the cats and most of our angel-kitties. I still have a lot of writing to do on most of them and I want to post several photos of each cat, so I will have to hold a photo shoot for those who have been camera shy up until now.

I need to get the scanner working again in order to put up a page for cats that we may have fostered but that went on to other homes--a sort of "Friends of the House of Many Cats" page.

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