Friday, October 8, 2004


I guess I haven't done an update on Star (aka Skinny) for a while.

She's living in the house now.

Denny asked me to keep her inside back in August, thinking he would have a chance to work on taming her while he was home from Cold Bay, so one evening, I invited her in and didn't let her out again.

For a few days, she asked to go outside, but as the days grew cooler and we didn't have the screen doors open as much, she settled into a routine, spending much of her time in the condo or downstairs with Lola and Clarence.

About a month ago, she began to come into the bedroom in the evenings and even venture up onto the bed while I was reading or watching television. occasionally, she would attack my feet in a manner reminiscent of the Toe Wraiths until my startled screams would send her dashing back down the hall. When Denny was home these past few weeks, she got brave enough to come up on the bed in the evenings and play with strings and--eventually--our fingers.

Sunday evening, Denny was able to stroke her paws just a bit without her jerking away and since he has been gone, she and I have been drawing ever closer that inevitable first official petting. She will peer at me from around the foot of the bed and I will make the "come here" gesture I make for Frannie and she will come up on the bed. When I go back to reading my book, she will dart forward and bat at my fingers until I put the book aside and play with her. She will let me stroke the insides of her front legs but still shrinks from letting me touch her head. But she is close, very close.

Despite the shyness she shows and whatever conditions have led her to be that way, she is a lively and intelligent little cat who seems to enjoy our interactions. I think it helps that she can watch us with the other cats and see how fearless they are around us.

What really feels good is not worrying about her being outside in the wide and wild world.

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