Sunday, November 11, 2007

Charcoal looked so lovely sitting on the sofa downstairs, I had to take her picture.

It was thirteen years ago this month that we brought the frightened young cat home from the Animal Shelter. She had been left there in a box about a month previous and was so timid that she didn't seem a good candidate for adoption. But Denny said, "If she's that shy, we'll never know we have another cat..."

Although she is still easily spooked, Charlie is not a stand-offish cat. She has grown confident enough over the years to come downstairs when we have visitors. She lets us know when she wants some attention.

But our gentle Pisces kitty retains a delicate, ethereal air.


Lisa said...

She's a beautiful girl! And those eyes are stunning!

Meggie said...

Charcoal is a elegant looking.