Saturday, November 17, 2007

Johnny in the Snow

I found a lot of misplaced things this past week while looking for Denny's old passport. About an hour before I found that, I found some photos in a box--photos that I'd taken back before we went digital. In the winter of 1988, Johnny was a half-grown cat discovering snow for the first time. He remained fascinated with snowballs all his life.

Since the snow was coming down today in big, soft flakes, I thought I would post it in honor of snow and in memory of our sweet stripe-y boy.


Lisa said...

Is that photo tilted or was the snow that high?! He was a handsome little boy. I'm sure you miss him terribly!

laura said...

I think we had a foot or so of snow when the photo was taken. Johnny was playing by an embankment that ran along the back of the house back then.

He left us with many sweet and happy memories.

Black Cat said...

He looks like he was a really sweet cat. My Burmese was amazed when he saw snow for the first time, bouncing up and down and shaking his paws in the cutest way:)