Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Ours Are Housecats...

I saw this story in the Anchorage Daily News:

Cat Goes From Grizzly's Snack Back to Pet, Four Months Later
FEARED LOST: Neighbor says he saw Banger in bear's mouth.


The night Banger the cat vanished, a neighbor heard the black-and-gray tabby yowling. He ran outside and saw Banger dangling from the mouth of a grizzly that had roamed into the yard and left with a cat snack.

So much for Banger, owner Allison Sayer figured.

Until two weeks ago.

Four months after disappearing into the Eagle River woods, the cat reappeared less than half a mile from where it was last seen, 2 pounds lighter but otherwise intact.


Click on the link to see Banger's photo. She looks like she's recovered well.


We have had moose chase our cats a couple times--more out of curiosity than malice--but we have come to keep them inside for the past several years. There are just too many dangers out there for us to rest easy with them outside.

So, in general our cats die from age-related problems, not accidents. Our oldest cat is about eighteen and we have several sixteen-year-olds. The middle group of cats that came from the shelter are in their early teens and the younger ones--Clarence, Lola and Twitch, were rescued from our own yard to have a chance to grow old.

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