Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tabby Girl

She is in the house now.

We trapped her a couple days ago.

She spent two days in the cage in the shop, adjusting to her change of circumstance while we took stock. She is friendly and apparently spayed--which means she has been someone's kitty at one point in her life. Her shyness speaks of a long time on her own, scrounging for a living, but she is in good shape, except for a healing wound on her forehead, above her left eye. It is circular--the impact of a tooth or small projectile (pellet gun?)--and healed over. What had happened to her? Had she been shot and left for dead? Had she had a narrow escape from a dog or coyote?

I doubt we will ever know but she is safe now.

She proved so friendly that we let her out of the cage after a couple days and let her come into the house. She has claimed the cat tree in the spare bedroom as her spot and is happy to recieve our attentions there.

I don't know why she was abandoned but so far, she has been no problem at all. Regardless, she has a home here.

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MmeBenaut said...

She looks just like my Lillipilli who is gentle too and has been with us for almost five years now. I put her picture on my blog yesterday! (12/5)