Monday, December 17, 2007

2007 Roll Call - BeBe

BeBe was Bennie's boy before he was ours. He belonged to the older gentleman who lived across the road from us, a ghostly-glimpse of a cat that we watched--from a distance--grow from kitten to adult.

A one person cat--because he only knew one person--he learned to follow me to our greenhouse, where there would be a fresh sprig or two of catnip for him. After a few weeks, he decided I wasn't so bad and would come running when he saw me heading for the greenhouse.

I worried about him--that he would come to a sad end with his indoor-outdoor lifestyle. But it was Benny who went first.

It was December, 2000 that we inherited BeBe. He came to our house when his master died. He didn't know anyone else or anywhere else in the neighborhood. But he knew that we were nice to him. So we took him in because we had liked Benny and we wanted to do that much for him--keep his last companion safe and warm and loved. He is a last link to Benny and I often wonder Do you know we have your cat, Benny? That he is in good hands?

BeBe is a character and a handful but I am glad we gave him shelter. I don't think anyone else would appreciate him as much as we do.

BeBe's Webpage

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