Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Roll Call - Nash

Nash is a bit of a cry-baby.

He first appeared in human record as a young cat--less than a year old--found crying under someone's deck out ast End Road. He was brought to the Animal Shelter. Where he sat in a cage and cried.

He caught my eye because his coloring reminded me of Cissy--and at that time he was about the same size as she was. Only later did he grow to his line-backer-like proportions.

I brought him home as a foster-care cat and when my cousin was looking for a cat, I offered Nash to her family. He lived with them for a couple years and seemed content with his life.

Then family live was sundered and Nash found himself with his housemate Raider back at the Animal Shelter. So he came back home with us, where he has finally found a lifetime home.

Yet he still finds a lot to complain about. Poor dear thing.

Nashley's Webpage

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