Tuesday, December 18, 2007

2007 Roll Call - Raider

Raider is one of our gentle giants--weighing in at twenty-two pounds the last time we got him on a scale. He is a quiet cat but very perceptive. And he is a good boy. You can almost see him trying to figure out what it is we expect from him and trying to provide it.

He was originally my cousin's cat and ended up--with Nash--at the Animal Shelter when she had to relocate after her divorce. I couldn't stand to see Nash and Raider in cages so brought them home, where they have been well-behaved and affectionate. Sometime in the course of years, they went from being her cats to being ours.

Nash and Raider, along with Houdini, form the core of the "Boys in the Back"--a social group of cats that live in three small room off our bedroom and have little interaction with the other cats in the house.

Raider's Webpage

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