Friday, December 21, 2007

2007 Roll Call - Bunny

Blind Bunny has been walking in circles for two years.

She came down with vestibular disease in July of 2005. Normally, a cat will recover or compensate for this disorder in a matter of weeks but because Bunny can't see to orient herself, she has been walking around with a list to starboard ever since. It hasn't really changed her daily grind--which was never demanding in the first place--but she is more careful when climbing up onto or down from the bed.

Aside from that, Bunny's life is pretty uneventful. She doesn't go downstairs much any more and spends most of her time either sleeping on the bed, staking out the food dish in the bathroom or sleeping in the sitting room in a cat bed strategically-placed to catch the sunlight.

I was heartened to see her walking in left-handed circles the other day. Maybe she is starting to get things straightened out.

Bunny's Webpage

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