Monday, December 3, 2007

Mr. Pink Party Pants

Bebe in his Piddlepants

So I have to ask myself why I keep telling him that he's a good boy when it is so obvious that he isn't.

(Gotta love him, though...)

So, the Great Letting-Bebe-Out-In-The-House experiment hit a snag when Denny caught him spraying upstairs. Apparently he isn't as well-adjusted as I thought (Bebe, not Denny)

So out come the old Piddlepants. I can still let Bebe out for a few hours a day but he has to wear The Pants of Shame.

1 comment:

Meggie said...

I have a few sprayers in my bunch too. I never heard of piddle pants. I need to try them...thanks for the tip.